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About Now & Next

At Age Scotland Training Enterprises our aim is to guide and support everyone who is transitioning into later life. We know that the more thoughtful and planned you are about preparing yourself mentally, emotionally and financially for later life, the healthier and happier the experience will be.

In supporting you to step purposefully into later life, we understand that each person's individual circumstances are unique. If you are thinking about or planning your retirement our pre-retirement workshops are an opportunity to get support, information and guidance about actions to take now and what is next for you after finishing work. The workshops blend financial and legal information and guidance with lifestyle and health advice to allow you to confidently take this step.

If you are not planning on taking full retirement and are thinking about reducing your working hours, taking on more flexible work or continuing working; we work with locally qualified professionals allowing us to provide support and opportunities to enrich your life and support a full, productive and fulfilling later life.

We are here to guide you in looking ahead to make the most out of what's next in life and to take the journey together into planning your later life.